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Food for thought — Updated May 11  — A President enabled by a spineless and supine Congress that fails to exercise its oversight powers isn’t a weak executive at all: he is a potential despot, writes John Cassidy in his latest assessment of Donald Trump. Also, Trump’s election has raised fears that the United States may be heading toward authoritarianism and Trump’s first 100 days are unique in that Congress, under his leadership, has yet to pass a single major piece of legislation.    

Observations — Updated May 9 — Faced expulsion, Meredith resigns Senate seat.

 Miscellanea –  May 2 —  A Windsor immigration firm is being flooded with calls from the U.S.  Also, given the proliferation of stand-your-ground laws, Americans have something new to fear: each other.

This blog has been created in response to and with the aid of grandchildren who believe that once you reach 80: “You should get a hobby, Gramps.”

They agree, as do I, with Marcus Tullius Cicero, who said: “…old age is respected only if it defends itself, maintains its rights, submits to no one, and rules over its domain until its last breath.”

It feature a page titled, Observations; the writer’s perspective on issues of the day.  A second page, Food for Thought, will look at social, economic and political  topics we hope are stimulating.  Finally, the Miscellanea page is a mixed bag of news items, humour, etc. In addition, the site offers Twitter feeds that may be of interest.

As an advocate of lifelong learning, we believe it helps to explore a range of opinions.  We encourage readers to to step outside their social and political bubbles (their comfort zones) and explore what others are saying.  This site offers a range of opinions, but is not intended to promote any political party, religious group, business, etc.

Given the speed at which information travels today, we offer this caveat from Mark Twain: “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”


   Douglas Glynn is a freelance writer,  based in Canada. He has been a reporter, journalism teacher and public affairs consultant. His first job was as a shabbos goy in his native Toronto. He owes his career in journalism to a French teacher who, realizing his pupil couldn’t grasp French grammar, handed him the Globe and Mail to read every morning. He eventually became a staff writer at The Globe. He has also worked in government, banking, organized labour; been a communications advisor to a Royal Commission, law and accounting firms, police associations and non-profit organizations. During the 1990’s, he had the privilege of editing the annual proceedings of the Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs, Canada’s oldest non-partisan public affairs forum. He remains an advocate of life-long learning.

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