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Food for Thought Poor health-care ranking: a sign our system needs fixing; Why we need to remain vigilant to protect our health care, and the Omar Khadr affair.               Observations —   When our elected lawmakers become lawbreakers               Miscellanea —  Six ways Trump is ‘dismantling’  the U.S. after six months in office.



   Douglas Glynn has been a journalist, college teacher and public affairs consultant, working with governments, labour unions, non-profit groups, police associations, accounting and law firms. During the 1990s, he edited-wrote the proceedings of the The Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs, Canada’s oldest non-partisan public affairs forum.



“Decency, security, and liberty alike demand that government officials shall be subjected to the same rules of conduct that are commands to the citizen… If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.”   —  Louis D. Brandeis


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