This blog has been created to encourage readers to examine viewpoints they might not come across in their daily routine.  As an advocate of lifelong learning, our objective is to provide articles dealing with a range of issues.   We do not necessarily endorse the views of all the articles herein, but offer them as Food for Thought.  The site will not promote any political, religious or corporate agenda.  The site features three pages: Food for Thought, Observations (the writer’s viewpoint) and Miscellanea.   

Food for Thought –    Three women professors offer their views about the importance of international Women’s Day.   One questions why IWD is largely irrelevant in Canada. Another who spent 112 days in an Iranian jail, pays tribute to Iranian women for shedding their hijabs, and a third says  so long as women continue to live in fear, bear the brunt of austerity, and are excluded from decision-making to make life better for themselves and future generations, they and their allies will need to continue to march.

Observations —  When the news broke about a shooting at a Broward County Florida high school last week your scribe immediately began monitoring U.S. media. The reason: we have a great grandson attending a high school in Broward County.   According to data from the Gun Violence Archive, a total of 346 mass shooting incidents occurred in 2017.

Miscellanea —   Can we ever kick our smart phone addiction?  And what effect is our constant fascination with it having on the development of your young child’s brains? Leaked documents show that Facebook told advertisers it can now track teenagers who feel “insecure,” “anxious,” “nervous,” “worthless,” “stupid” and “useless.” We have people exploiting a kid’s “confidential” data by selling it to businesses that will further exploit a kid’s depression.

Douglas Glynn has been a journalist, college teacher and public affairs consultant, working with governments, labour unions, non-profit groups, police associations, accounting and law firms. During most of the 1990s, he edited-wrote the proceedings of  The Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs, Canada’s oldest non-partisan public affairs forum.


“Decency, security, and liberty alike demand that government officials shall be subjected to the same rules of conduct that are commands to the citizen… If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.”   —  Louis D. Brandeis


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